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Disaster Relief

All of us have been consumed with watching the unfolding of events in Houston. Laura and I have many close friends in Houston, having lived there for several years, so we are constantly seeking information about this situation. All of us have a heart for that city and the tremendous blow it has taken through Hurricane Harvey.

We plan to be a part of helping in that effort. I have been in contact with leaders in Houston about ways in which we can be most effective with our prayers and our gifts.  I will be sharing with you Sunday how we can have an impact and know that everything we provide will go directly to the needs of those in Houston. I have been in touch with Second Baptist Houston. They have six campuses that cover every part of the city. My mentor, Dr. Edwin Young, and the folks at Second Baptist will be right at the center of disaster relief. This will provide us with some opportunities to meet some needs in an effective way. Please continue to pray for the people of Houston.

If you plan to make a gift for disaster relief, I would encourage you to give it through our church and designate it as such. I look forward to sharing this with you Sunday. It is important for us to remember that it is in times of crisis that God can really do some special things. That is not just true in the circumstances in Houston, but in the situations we face in our lives.

Pastor Mike